The last client I referred to Rachel has now handed her his complete portfolio to manage

Not just finding and managing the tenants but recommending and organizing the maintenance as well.
Will be sending more her way.

Gary Palmer. Insurance Broker.  2015. 

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How to present your property to attract the best tenants

As experienced investors know, part of the journey investing in rental property is finding quality tenants to look after your property investment. For this reason, seasoned property investors utilise the services of expert property management companies such as IQ Property Management founded by Rachel Kann.

Landlords often come to IQ Property Management having had a bad experience managing property themselves and are just unable to attract the right tenants. With 10 years’ experience, Rachel Kann is able to assist owners with insightful information on how to maximise their return on investment by presenting the property in a way to appeal to long term tenants.  Rachel is a firm believer that: “If you present your property nicely, it attracts quality tenants with ease”.  

Why use a property manager in Auckland?

Did you know that most experienced property investors utilise the skills and experience of a professional property manager?

New Zealanders generally like to try and do things themselves; it’s the No.8 wire entrepreneurial can-do attitude.  But when it comes to managing what is to most people their largest financial investment, why wouldn’t you employ a professional who has years of experience doing exactly that? (like Auckland property manager Rachel Kann of IQ Property Management)

Most experienced property investors employ a property manager to look after their investments, just as they employ an accountant to manage their money; it's good business sense.

Novice investors tend to manage their own investment properties believing rental property management is easy; you find a tenant, move them in, collect the rent and do a bit of maintenance now and then.  Of course, it can be that easy if you find an excellent, easy-going long-term tenant, and if you're a landlord with time on your hands who also has good knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act to ensure you're always compliant with the law.

The reality, however, is that most landlords don’t know or fully understand rental property law, and very often break it without even realising, leaving themselves open to compensation claims.