We came across Rachel few years back when we were having so much trouble with our then property manager and tenants. What a great change she has been her systems are great and communication also.

She has taken the stress out of been a land lord. Thanks heaps Rachel always recommending to friends as so worth having you on board. 

C Miller. Landlord. 

Property: Seymour Road, Sunnyvale, Auckland 

2020 (Google Review) 

We are so lucky to have Rachel as our agent. She is amazing, always approachable, responsive and considerate! Professional and responsible!

Best choice for both home owners and tenants.

A Chen. Tenant

Property: Ophir Street, Grafton, Auckland 

2020. (Google Review) 

Rachel provides thorough professional prompt service. She is extremely knowledgeable in property management, and leaves no stone unturned.

I fully commend IQ property management. Thanks Rachel for your care of my property.

J Goodman. Landlord. 

Property: Prince Regent Drive, Half Moon Bay, Auckland 

2019 (Google Review) 

Rachel was our property manager in Herne Bay for over a year. She was outstanding.

Always a phone call away, all our needs and expectations were met with expediency and efficiency. I highly recommend her services.

A Paine. Tenant. 

Property: Hamilton Road, Herne Bay, Auckland 

2019 (Google Review) 

Rachel looked after my property while I was living overseas and does a great job.  

Efficient and detailed, and kept me up to date which was peace of mind, especially being overseas.  Highly recommend. 

C. Bolam.  Landlord 

Property: Norman Lesser Drive, St Johns, Auckland 

2019 (Google Review) 

Awesome service! Awesome property manager!

You needn't to concern about anything if you choose them. I will recommend them to my friends and colleagues.  

Shawn Xia. Landlord 

Property: Sturm Avenue, Massey, Auckland 

2019 (Google Review) 

Rachel of IQ Property Management Ltd is awesome. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a property manager.

Rachel is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, proactive and professional. Since entering the rental market as a landlord in the 90's I have always been extremely reluctant to use a property manager as I had never come across another landlord who was completely happy with the service they received from their property manager. Rachel has changed my mind. However, she is the only property manager I would ever recommend. I am completely happy with the service she provides.

D Mason. Landlord. 

Property: Lovelock Avenue, Mt Eden. 

2018. (Google Review) 

As a tenant, Rachel was a great person to have managing the property as she was always friendly to deal with and made sure we knew everything we needed to know.

She always looked after the property and tenants really well and made renting a really hassle-free and good experience.

CL Dixon.  Tenant.

Property: Volt Apartment, Queen Street.

2018 (Google review)

What an amazing experience. I have been a landlord for 25 years and would never have thought about using an agent to do this for me.

Going overseas for maybe a year so my neighbour suggested Rachel. Having used Rachel to look after my property, I will never go back to doing it myself. I just relax, watch the rent come in and any problems Rachel takes care of it. It is a no brainer. Like Nike say's Just do it.

Bill Young.  Landlord 

Rental Property: Impala Place, Hillsborough. 

2017 (Google Review) 

Rachel is a very experienced and extremely thorough property manager who I have referred a number of clients to over the last couple of years.

All these referrals have said how pleased they are with Rachel's service and guidance on renting and maintaining their investment property. Rachel is well thought of in the industry and knows her way around the Tenancy Tribunal as well. I would not have any hesitation in recommending Rachel to anyone looking for a property manager to look after their investment for them. 

Greg Lockhart, Lockhart Mortgages, Epsom. 

July 2017 (Google Review) 

Rachel is an awesome Property Manager. She takes all the stress out of ownership and handles the tenants at all times.

She is very careful to make sure our properties are in good condition and that the tenants dont do any damage. I would recommend her to anyone who is wanting a fair, honest, straight up property manager.

Dave Padfield.  Landlord 

Property: Old Wairoa Road, Papakura. 

2017 (Google Review) 

Totally hassle free service, recommend to everyone :)

Houses rented first week, and she organised all the maintenance work before the tenants move in. She took Million Photos for every single detail that might be cost you money after the tenants move out, and yes that save you heaps money!!! What she offered more than just service, I think she is looking after my properties like her own, which makes her so different from other agents. -- Thanks again, Conan.

C Wang. Landlord. 

Properties Managed: Royal Heights and Glendene.  

2016.  (Google Review). 

Rachel handled a casual let for us, and found us a great tenant. We have used other agencies in the past but never again.

Rachel is professional and great at communicating,she called me after each viewing and told me where she was at. Rachel puts in an awful lot of work finding the right tenant for your property, the amount of vetting she does is phenomenal, you want your property in professional hands, from someone who knows property management inside out, Rachel is the right person for the job. We have ended up with an amazing result. I would recommend Rachel and IQ Property Management to all Landlords.

Davina Morris. Landlord 

Rental Property: Green Bay, West Auckland. 2016. 

We are very pleased to have IQ property management look after our property while we are abroad. Although it looked like a difficult job and worried us a lot a year ago, now it turned our to be a smart choice and an easy job being an overseas landlord.

She really keeps an eye on the property, e.g. when there was a strange leak occuring, she asked someone to look into it in a timely manner before it further deterioates. There are more examples of how she protected landlord benefits. When our ventilation system spare battery was out of order she communicated with the supplier and got a refund for it. She took pictures of landlords stuffs in the garage to let us know their status even though we think it was not her responsibility.

We are very happy to have IQ property management, it proves that they are quite capable, professional and easy to work with.

Amy Zhao. Landlord Rental Property: One Tree Hill, Auckland. 2016.

I have been managing my own properties for 10+ years. So I am sceptical about professional managers. Rachel has proven me wrong.

She has a 'do-it-now' attitude. Both of my vacant properties were rented to ideal tenants within 2 weeks. I would highly recommend her to others.

Tom Lin. Landlord. 

Rental Property: Epsom, Auckland. 2015. 

Rachel is currently the property manager where we are renting. She is absolutely fantastic!!

Although we haven't needed her much, but when we have at odd times of the evening when we locked ourselves out of the apartment, or the time we couldn't find the key fob, she was willing to meet us and provide us a solution. Best thing about her is: there is no drama, no issues, she is a real person with an extraordinary personality. 

Rob and Nikki. Tenants. 

Rental Property: Flat Bush, Botany. 2015. 

Rachel is the first property agent I have dealt with in a few years having rented directly from landlords for my last few of properties. She was superb - easy to deal with, transparent and prompt with responses.

I highly recommend dealing with Rachel.

Paul Guest.  Tenant.

Rental Property: Milford, North Shore. 2015. 

Rachel is a very professional and ethical property manager.

As renters, we felt she was as much an advocate for us as for the landlords. Her style is very direct and and matter of fact, which suits us a lot. You know when you are dealing with IQ Property Management that you are in good hands. Would definitely use again.

George Putnam. Tenant. 

Rental Property: Mount Roskill. 2015. 

Rachel leased our property out in Mt Roskill within a week after we had failed ourselves through HomeAds.

She is straight up, has a strong tenancy agreement and has high standards. I would recommend Rachel for any property investor!

Vinay Iswar. Landlord 

Rental Property: Mt Roskill. 2015. 

The last client I referred to Rachel has now handed her his complete portfolio to manage

Not just finding and managing the tenants but recommending and organizing the maintenance as well.
Will be sending more her way.

Gary Palmer. Insurance Broker.  2015. 

Rachel is a very professional and ethical property manager.

As renters, we felt she was as much an advocate for us as for the landlords. Her style is very direct and and matter of fact, which suits us a lot. You know when you are dealing with IQ Property Management that you are in good hands. Would definitely use again.

George Putnam. Tenant.

Rental Property: Mt Roskill. 2015. 

I have known Rachel Kann for 3 years since staying at the Manukau City Lodge. At all times I have found Rachel great to deal with as a Property Manager we need more like her in the industry.

if I ever owned apartments she would definitely be the 1st person I want managing it for me.

Any questions regarding this letter please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Kind Regards, 

Gina Herewini. Tenant.

Rental Property: Manukau City. 2015. 

I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone who consider having a property manager for letting or managing a rental property.

Dealing with her is stress free as she is very efficient and straight forward and most importantly fair to both Landlords and Tenants. Thanks Rachel for your help!

Mr Alex Shin. Tenant.  

Rental Property: Onehunga. 2014. 

Rachel was a pleasure to deal with and always on hand if we needed help with the property. Highly recommended to landlords and tenants!

Thank you for being a great and efficient agent.

Mr and Mrs Young.  Tenants.  

Rental Property: Orere Point, Papakura.  2014. 

Probably the best decision I made in NZ was hiring you to manage our property - thank you so much.

Spoke with the lawyer you recommended this afternoon he will now be acting on my behalf just to ensure all is above board and being handled correctly.  When I am in NZ next I hope to be able to catch up and at least buy you lunch to thank you in person. In the mean time have a great weekend.

Milford Property owner. 2014. 

Everything that you recommended and advised was noted and applied to contract and clauses and was signed off by the tenant.  Everything worked out.  

The cleaners you recommended were the best and made such a difference.  Will use your services again.   Many many thanks Rachel your awesome. Can't thank you enough.  

J Cooper. Landlord

Rental Property: Kohimarama, Auckland. 2014. 

I really did get the impression you are not the average estate agent, you seemed to really care about your tenants.

Myself and Josie unfortunately can only offer six months tenancy however I would just like to say that if we do get a chance to live in that apartment we would make every effort to keep the flat very clean and make sure we treat you with as much respect as you seem to pay your tenants. 

Sam Rowe.  Prospective tenant. 2014. 

Your attention to detail not only fills me with confidence that you can do the job, it leaves me assured you will do a great job.

Your effort and meticulous attention is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.  

Mr Theodorakopoulos.  Landlord.

Rental Property: Birkenhead, North Shore. 2013. 

I would definitely recommend Rachel Kann at IQ Property Management.

We enlisted Rachel Kann from IQ Property to take care of the rental of our family home while we lived abroad.  Rachel came highly recommended by the agent who sold our rental apartment. The reason is evident from the excellent service and valuable in-depth experience she provides. Rachel even goes the extra mile, when required.  I wish I had enlisted the services of IQ Property Management, whilst I had the rental apartment. Several headaches would've been spared in hindsight.

Ms Fong. Landlord

Rental Property: Waterview, West Auckland. 2013.

I am so grateful to have met you! I want to thank you for getting me sorted with my property - I knew you would. 

Thank you for agreeing to take my property on and getting rid of my tenant from hell.  I can see you take your job very seriously and that is very important. I also love that you want to make a difference.  You certainly did to me! By keeping me informed every step of the way I felt confident you knew what you were doing and my stress levels were reduced substantially.  You are exceptionally good at what you do and amazed me with your thoroughness. It was because of you I was able to get my property vacated and sold without too much fuss.  Good work Ms Property Manager Extraordinaire!!! You rock!

Catherine Newton.  Landlord

Rental Property: Wordsworth Ave, Manukau. 2013. 

You are the best and I am talking from experience.

I have had several properties which were managed but have never experienced such a high level of service. You are prompt, diligent and efficient.  Thank you.

Kingsland Property Owner. 2013. 

Wow..no Manager has ever been this proactive in our experience before.

The rent increase is wonderful.  You are a gem among the rocks!  Thank you.

W Jackson.  Landlord. 

Rental Property: City Apartment.  2013. 

I've never seen a property manager provide such detail in their inspection reports. 

Thanks for the update, we wish we had seen all the problems before we purchased this property.   Please commence any work which you think is best to do to make the property presentable and marketable for new tenants.  Thank you again for your professionalism.

S. Prashad.  Landlord.

Rental Property: Auckland City Apartment. 2013. 

Rachel Kann is a great landlord. I like her professionalism and can do attitude.

If i have a problem she is prompt to respond. I appreciate that because I feel my needs as a tenant are seen as important.

A. Te Whatu. Tenant.

Rental Property: Manukau City. 2013. 

We wanted to tell you how much we have appreciated the straight forward, prompt and ethical manner in which you have dealt with us and our tenants.  

Your very effective, professional, management of our apartment took all the stress out of this investment, and for this we are very grateful.  If we ever need a property manager in Auckland again we will contact you first. 

Wishing you the very best for the future.

J Finch.  Landlord.

Rental Property: Auckland City Apartment. 2013. 

Rachel your always ahead of the game, I like it.  

Thanks for the rent increase, extra income is always welcome.

Mr Martin.  Landlord

Rental Property: Auckland City Apartment. 2013. 

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